Desktop Earthview v5.8.3 Download Latest Update

Desktop Earthview v5.8.3 Download

Desktop Earthview is a dynamic desktop wallpaper and screen protector that displays the world’s night and day views of the world. It offers high resolution and colorful images for all kinds of screen resolutions. The program supports residential areas with map and satellite views, city lights, atmospheric effects, local time and many other features. EarthView contains 4 different beauty maps with 100% zoom level starting from 10km resolution. Here you can also get Ultraiso Registration Code [Premium Edition].

Desktop Earthview v5.8.3 DownloadDesktop Earthview features:

  • 1# High detailed world views
  • 2# Day and night views
  • 3# Residential areas and city lights
  • 4# Clouds
  • 5# 3 nice map option
  • 6# 3000 cities with local time
  • 7# Map and satellite view
  • 8# Wallpaper and screen guard support
  • 9# Multiple monitor support
  • 10# Many options for full customization

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