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Heavens Hope Codex A very decent adventure game, with great graphics and animation. The story is interesting and the puzzles are easy but realized well.
Heavens Hope Codex DownlaodI like a lot though so few screens to play because the game is not long but worth it for sure.
Heavens Hope Codex For PC / Windows, the main character is called Talorel. He is the candidate of angels and adept of stunt school is located in the sky. In one practice routine fly, the protagonist accidentally fell to the ground and crash near Hope Heaven. Leaving paradise is prohibited without the permission of the angels, so Talorel must return to it quickly, before the supervisor learned about what had happened – if not, it will end a career stuntman. The problem is, however, that going back to heaven turned out to be more difficult than thought protagonists.

Heavens Hope Codex DownlaodA player’s task is to help the protagonist to leave Earth. Thus, the players visited almost forty hand-painted locations inhabited by twenty-five characters. Heavens Hope Codex ¬†They are all involved in intrigues that sparked the interest of players. It even includes the case with the Spanish Inquisition.

Heavens Hope Codex DownlaodApart from talking to other characters, Talorel have to solve a series of puzzles (each can be completed in a couple of different ways). What is more, the protagonist must make some choices that can affect the story. So the end comes in several variants.
In contrast to other adventure games, Heavens Hope Codex For PC / Windows makes it possible to modify the appearance of the protagonist.

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Also, the other players can join a session at any time. Heavens Hope Codex  Finishing the game takes about twelve hours. You can also download many other games form here.